Looking for a 28nm Graphic for a budget price of 200-250 dollars.

I guess the 28nm graphic core is excellent in low heat, and has better cooling and less power consumption.. I would like to add these to my Gaming/HTPC build. Although i use the system more as a media center, and game every once in a while.. Hence i would like to add a good above average 28nm based graphic card. Budget.. 200-250 dollars.
I was looking at HD 7770, but i guess their performance is not as great as compared to the previously released 6850-6890 series cards.. but the 6850 series cards not 28nm.

The system is an i7 2600K, with 16gb ram, thermalright silver arrow cpu cooler.

Please suggest.
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  2. Thanks for ur response.
    Members of another forum identified the same card HD 7850.. and we managed to narrow it down to ASUS DCII HD 8750
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  4. That card is not quite suited for a HTPC setup, a gaming system does not care about noise or power, while a system used for media playback should care about both. The 7770 is probably a pretty good pick to use, it will run on a much smaller power supply than the 8750 and needs a lot less cooling (so less fan noise). If your computer will be just a regular tower that just happens to run media to a TV, then the higher-end card is fine. If the PC sits next to the TV and is mainly used for media playing, get the lower end card.

    Or just get a stand-alone network media player for $100 or less and build the PC as a full gaming system.
  5. I guess HTPC/Gaming means a HTPC that could game also, which means the user doesn't care about power, temps and noise :).
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