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I am so tired of laptops with crappy displays that I am exploring the option of replacing a laptop's stock LCD panel with an IPS LCD Panel. I plan to buy an inexpensive notebook with a broken screen and replace the panel with an IPS Panel. Now, I understand that this is not a trivial exercise and I will have to do some research on matching connectors and panel sizes and so on but I am willing to do the research to make sure a laptop matches with an LCD IPS Panel. My first question is where do I find an IPS Panel in a standard notebook size (16:10 or 16:9). Is there a website that sells replacement LCD Panels?
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  1. Buy a laptop with an IPS panel in it. What you are looking to do is not in the realm of even remotely easy.

    Look to Lenovo and HP Elitebooks and Dell precision series. They have IPS displays. Then buy one.

    Keep in mind that putting an IPS panel on a crappy video card can equate to just as bad of an experience as a TN display. Also, look at laptops that have RGB+W LED panels. These are nearly as good (and sometimes better) as many IPS screens.
  2. Ouch. I was hoping this would not be the case. I saw that most laptop vendors and panel vendors have adopted the SPWG 3.0 standard.. But I guess you could have variations even within the standard...

    Oh, about buying a laptop with an IPS display, that is definitely a big ticket item. I currently use a Dell Latitude with a WUXGA Ultrasharp display.. High resolution but brightness and viewing angles are severely lacking.. I will explore the RGB+W LED panels and see if I can find one on a 12.1 or 13 inch laptop..
  3. There is a workaround. You can connect your laptop external IPS dispaly
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