GeForce GTX 660 in dual SLI bottleneck with intel i5 3 1 ghz


I just ordered parts to build a my first gaming rig, i'm in no way...hell...I just don't freaking know crap about this stuff.

I bought 2 EVGA GTX 660s to run in SLI.
I bought an ivy bridge i5 3.1ghz

Friend of mine commented he's worried it will bottleneck (whatever that is, but sounds bad) due to the cpu.

Ideas, suggestions?
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    It will work fine! Although a faster I5 (3570K) that you could overclock would have been better.
  2. Well, at least I know it will work. MIght just have to see if I can get another CPU down the road. Thanks!
  3. Enjoy!
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