Antec 302 fan setup question

Hi, sorry if this is a noobish question but i'm about to put together my first build...

I have the Antec 302 case and an Asrock H77 Pro4/MVP motherboard.

The case comes with 1x 120mm fan (3 pin power + external toggle switch- hi and lo settings) and 1x 140mm (3 pin power + external toggle switch), both of which are exhaust. They are Antec TwoCool fans if you buy them separately.

My mobo has case fan headers for 2x 3 pin and 1x 4 pin. It also has 1x 4 pin and 1x 3 pin cpu fan headers.
The 4 pin and one of the 3 pin case fan headers support fan control, per the manual.

My questions are:
1. should i get another fan for intake (there is room for 2x120mm fans on the front)? i am not overclocking anything. my specs: i5 3470 + stock cpu fan, xfx double d 7870.

2. since the stock cpu fan only uses the 4 pin cpu fan header, can i plug a case fan into the 3 pin CPU fan header?

3. do 3 pin headers support fan control? I thought they had to be 4 pin to send that signal.

4. does it matter where i plug in my stock fans, since i don't think they support PWM anyway and already have an external switch?

thanks in advance.
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  1. I have several Antec 900 cases with the same kind of fans. I just set them all on LOW and plugged them into the PSU molex connectors. Running the fans faster did not help my cooling.

    The only disadvantage to this is that the motherboard cannot monitor the fan speed.
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