$100-$120 GPU?

Hello Forumers. :P

Currently I am thinking of GTS 450, but since I saw how powerful and less costly GTS 250 is, but no DX11, I want to see if there are other GPU's more worth than a GTS 450 BUT with DX11( I just want DX11 lol).

Can you guys give me cheaper , powerful than GTS 450 w/DX11? ($100-120)

Also Radeon Cards are okay, but I seriously am more fine with Nvidia
but you guys can show me a list of Radeon and Nvidia GPUs.

Thanks for the help guys!
Also this is what I am getting:

4gb RAM
Asrock H61M-DGS
Antec VP-450
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    get a 7750, its $100
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