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Random lags, think I have tried everything.

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June 24, 2012 7:15:38 PM

Hello, I have a dell xps 17 that recently purchased. It has a random 3 to 5 second total freezes of sound and video. I had online chats with dell for over 12 hours total, after a lot of back and forth sessions they finally sent me a new unit. Needless to say the same thing is happening for this one. I cleanly uninstalled and reinstalled windows, same thing. As I replaced all of the parts on the old one with new parts dell shipped me, it can't be the parts. The specs of the computer, albeit I should have said them earlier are an i7 at 2.2ghz 8gb ram 2x500gb hdd and nvidia 555gt 3gb. All of the drivers are up to date. I'm honestly out of ideas, and will appreciate all help. Thanks.

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June 25, 2012 2:38:15 AM

random 3 to 5 second total freezes of sound and video. On two machines. Before you loaded any software? Or after you installed a few games and did windows update ?

If the same game was freezing on both systems then google for game fixes or other people having the same problem.

If you added any hardware (usb printer, MP3 player, external drive etc.) then make sure you got the right driver.

If you are not running an anti-virus then get MS security essential. Free download. This could be malware.

Suggest you format machine back to factory fresh load with *no* devices attached except monitor, keyboard and mouse. Make sure network not active. Then see it it locks up. If no then start with anti-virus and check for lockup. then run windows update several times until it is out of fixes, then check for lockup. Then install one game at a time checking for lockup.

Good luck, not easy finding this.


Alternate procedure, run 'resource monitor' in the background. It's part of windows7, google it. When you get the 3-5 second freeze hotkey with the windows key to desktop and look at resource monitor. See what processes were running. google each one. Look for something strange. Maybe you can eyeball it.
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