Problem with catalyst control center

Hello,i have installed the last ati catalyst control center
version 12.4 and i have problem with the option of lost the option for graphic overdive after the first reboot.i can only see at the performance these optios:cpu power and amd overdrive.nothing else.i tried to unistall this version and instal older versions but again nothing.i cleaned my registry,and the history,cookies.i dont know what else to do.

sorry for my bad english..
my graphic card is an ati sapphire hd 6850 2gb
my cpu is amd 8120
windows 7 64bit
8gb ram ,1600
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  1. in ccc under performances click amd overdrive to activate the another box on the right then click both case to activate they should became green you wil get acces to the graphic overdrive
  2. the cpu overdrive is always to disable.i cant turn it on enable,neither configure cpu overdrive/graphic overdrive
  3. could you acces those 2 box that activate the overdrive this is in the 12,4 ccc
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