Can i connect Intel DH67BL with my LG Flatron L1953S?

I'm making a new desktop and i'll be using it with my old LCD (LG Flatron L1953S?)....The motherboard which i have chosen is Intel DH67BL which doesn't have a VGA port and my LCD doesn't have an HDMI or a DVI port...So should i be able to connect it via HDMI to VGA cable/ DVI to VGA Cable?

I know there are converters available but i found out that VGA uses analog signals where as DVI/HDMI uses digital signals....So it is not possible with HDMI/DVI to VGA connector or cable.....Is that true??
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  1. There are a variety of connections to use and you can use any cable that goes from vga to hdmi or dvi to vga also there are the connectors that will convert the vga port to a dvi or hdmi and then use the dvi or hdmi cable.
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