Core2duo temp question

Hey all,
I'm running an Intel Core2duo E6400 with a zalman heatsink( I've heard reports of the same CPU running at 35C idle 45C under load. I'm getting 47C idle and 63C under heavy load. I have excellent circulation within my case(33C system temp).

Is this normal?

Is there anything I can do to help it?

Do you need any more information?

Thanks all!
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  1. My previous PC had an E8400 with 212+ on it and was running around 60C under full-load using the Quiet fan speed profile.
  2. Interesting. Do you know at what point it starts getting dangerous for the CPU?
  3. Ya it's running in high speed mode. Also, I have article silver on there. It's strange... It seems like the temperature stays very consistent despite the load. I know the values are accurate. I'm less concerned about it now hah. Thanks for the input all =)
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