GTX680 vs. GTX295

The gaming rig I put together in 2009 is still running strong. I've been using a single 24" monitor during that time. I'm about to make the leap to a dual-monitor setup. My current video card is a GTX295 and I've been really happy with it for the past three years. BF3 was the first game I couldn't max out, though with a 15% overclock I can. It does suck missing out on DX11, though.

Question 1) Will my GTX295 be sufficient running two 24" LED monitors. I envision only one will be used for gaming, while other desktop crap can fill the second.

Question 2) For gaming, is it worth grabbing the GTX680 over my 295? I know from the specs alone it is an upgrade, but is it a DECENT upgrade for that ~$550 price tag?

Question 3) How will a GTX680 hold up in a 2 monitor setup?

Comment 1) I hate money.

Thanks all!
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  1. GTX 680 would be better ;)
  2. If you hate money you should get rid of it by buying the GTX680 = )
  3. Definately go with a 680 especially if you play BF3 and want to max it out.
    The 680 proves to do well in multi monitor set ups , so you wont have any problems there.
    Sell your 295 on ebay and put that money towards the 680.
  4. Well that's an easy approach. I wonder what I'll end up getting for the 295.

    Now I just need the 680 to be in stock somewhere that ships to Canada!
  5. you hate money or just hate spending it? The 680 is more than sufficient to run a 30 inch display, let alone a 24. If you are only gaming on one monitor, the 680 is a bit overkill, but may give you some breathing room for new least until DX12 comes out...

    The 560Ti is the best bang for the buck on the Nvidia side, but I think the 560Ti-448 Core is probably the best fit for a 24in display
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