New Homebuilt Pc keeps freezing.

Hey guys I just built a new PC, and I haven't really done anything with it. So tell me how I can fix this. I startup my pc and it freezes and everything becomes unresponsive within 1-10 minutes. Please tell me how i can fix this. I spent alot of money and this is annoying.
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  1. What are the components in your PC?
  2. You mean what parts did I use? (card and such?)
  3. Yes.
  4. I am not good with the names. But I will try.

    1TB seagate barricuda
    Motherboard by gigabyte
    octocore processor by amd

    If you need anything else Ill get the boxes. just say
  5. Try to run the PC with only one of the RAM modules, then try the other to see if they could be the issue.
  6. I need the make and model of your entire build to help. Particularly the Motherboard, CPU, Video Card, and PSU.
  7. :/ how do I do that? What steps do I take?
  8. What Power supply do you have? Just the manufacturer is enough.
  9. Okay here is what I think you are after.

    gigabyte 970A-UD3 - motherboard

    amd fx 8-core - cpu

    Asus hd 6670 - video card
  10. I think my power supply maker is OCZ
  11. Is it just the screen that freezes, or does the whole PC shut down?
  12. The screen freezes but the computer keeps running. But the sound freezes also and I cannot hear anything. like a picture on the screen and no sound or A REALLY LOUD BLERRRRR until I press the reset button
  13. If you have another graphics card, try starting up your computer running a different card and see how it goes.

    It may be a monitor problem, so if you have a different one, I suggest hooking your PC up to that one, and see if anything changes.
  14. I do not have another card. This is my first build.

    As for the monitor I have 2 others, but I need some thing to make them compatiable (it is old) and I am not sure how to hook it up.

    EDIT: I will try to hook it up.
  15. Ok, if it makes any difference, let me know. It is probably your monitor or graphics related problem, otherwise the whole thing would crash, not just freeze. Keep in mind that I don't have any personal experience with this kind of issue, so don't expect too much. :/
  16. I cannot hook it up because I cannot get the thing out of the monitor that I need to check if is the problem it won't come out.
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