ATI 5670 Blue Screening Frequently

I've been running 2 5670 cards (NOT in crossfire) for over a year without issue. After updating CCC to 12.3, I began to get blue screens about twice a week. The message was never up long enough for me to read the entire thing, but it definitely says something along the lines of "Windows tried to reset the display adapter but failed". Dump file attached at end of post. I uninstalled the drivers on both cards, did a driver sweep to remove excess files, rebooted and then did a clean install of CCC 12.4. The issue occurred again today.

It seems to happen regardless of my actions: sometimes I'll be rendering scenes in Maya, other times my computer will be idle. My options now are down to reinstalling Windows or RMAing if need be. Does anyone have any other suggestions? Thanks!

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1
Rosewill 1000W Power
Intel Core i5 750 @ 2.67
8GB (4 2GB sticks) G.Skill DDR3 1333 RAM
2 ATI 5670 Cards (1 at x16, 1 at x4)
OCZ Agility 90GB SSD + 4 1TB data drives
Display setup: 2 22" Monitors on the x16 card, 1 19" and an HDTV on the x4

Bluescreen dump:
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    Did you test one card at a time to see if it is one that is causing problems?
    Did you ever Overclock the PCI-E Bridge?
    Did you check the temps of both graphic cards?
    Did you check the voltages of your Power Supply? Sometimes a Rosewill PSU are faulty and does not provide the right voltage.

    Check those questions, they are common causes.

    -Hope it helps! :)
  2. Just checked the temps and voltages and they look fine; I always monitor my GPU temp regardless. I haven't overclocked them, but I will keep one card in at a time for awhile and see what happens when I have the time. Thanks!
  3. That's good advice. Only thing I can add is that just because a driver locks up that doesn't mean the RAM isn't at fault. Having all 4 DIMM slots populated always seems to bring extra challenges.

    If you don't get anywhere with the GPUs:

    1. Turn off auto restart
    So that you can spend more time with the blue screens.

    2. memtest

    Also, could you be clearer about the Rosewill 1000W? It's major overkill for your system of course... as I recall those are ATNG, but I would like to check the exact model for design and OEM.
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