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I'm planning to build a cheap machine for my mother. She mainly just uses it to browse the web, so it doesn't need much horsepower. I picked up the monitor already from Best Buy. The total cost, minus the monitor/kb/mouse/speakers is right at $300.

Planning to install Linux OS on it to keep the cost down.

Anyone have any experience with the AMD processor with integrated GPU?

Here is the public NewEgg wish list I put together. Appreciate any suggestions/comments on making it better/cheaper. Thanks.
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  1. Some of the items need to be purchased by the end of the month to get some of the discounts / mail-in rebates.

    Any thoughts on the build? Planning to install Linux Mint.
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    Tomorrow I'll be putting together a very similar build, but with an ASrock mobo, A3400 apu, non-ripjaw ram and slightly different case and psu. I've already done a different build with the Ranger case and Acer monitor. Ranger Case -- watch out for jagged edges in hidden spots. Install the hard drive before mounting the heat sink. It's a nice little case otherwise. Acer monitor -- the power light is too bright and blinks forever when the monitor is sleeping. Similar to a blue Christmas tree in the room... might even disturb your sleep if the computer is in the bedroom. Otherwise a nice monitor for the price.

    Watched and read a number of reviews on the APU and people are mostly pleased with the performance within its limitations. I think your mother will be happy with her new computer. I'm looking forward to mine being used for general family fun, net surfing and Home Theater. I'll also be using Linux (Pinguy + XBMC).
  3. Thanks for the advice, spankmon. Be the first time I've built with a smaller tower case like this.
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  5. Just follow up. Built the machine. Everything went together fine and posted first try. Install of Linux Mint 13 was a breeze as well. Will def be building another Linux machine soon for my home lab.

    First time I used a mini tower case. Was much tighter working with than a mid tower, but got everything crammed in OK.
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