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Im trying to find the best CPU cooler that will fit in my MSI Nighthawk. I was thinking about maybe a h60 or h80 but I dont know. I just want to know if there are any good cpu coolers that will fit in my case. I do have side panel fans and a gtx 660 ti in the msi z77 gd55 motherboard
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  1. 7 inch across is pretty slim. The closed loop water coolers are probably your best option due to space and side fan consideration. h60 is too close to performance of cheaper tower coolers. h80 does a good job and would be your best option of the two albeit more expensive.
  2. +1 to all-in-one loops. They're most likely your best bet to get the best cooling performance possible in a slim case like yours :)
  3. Are there any decent air coolers that will fit in my case?
  4. TX3 would probably fit,and work well, but it's not going to hang with liquid cooling.

    I enjoy reading their reviews and comparisons. Low profile ones listed. I have the Noctua NH-L12 which is pretty boss.
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