5770 drivers not installing!!

pretty much what it says in the title ^^. in a few weeks i'm purchasing a 7970 but for the time being im using a 5770 got the windows 8 preview so would this be something to do with it? any help appreciated :)
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  1. ok well i can install them now but the temp goes way to high just with gta sanandreas it goes to 84c any ideas?
  2. Take a look to your gpu cooler, it could be full of dust.
  3. checked it cleaned it a week or so ago while i was at his i gave it to my mate quite a while back and its been running fine on his just tried installing it again and said instillation complete warnings occurred
  4. are you getting these errors with the new catalyst install?? if so the installer if you do custom install will tell you what not loading. also with windows 8 make sure your telling windows to installed the drivers as a user admin or they might fail.
    for the over heating if you get the ccc pannel up and running check the fan speed. most vendors or software drivers set the fan speed at 20-40 percent to keep the noise down of the fans.
  5. yes i believe it was amd display driver that wasnt installing correctly and now trying to run as admin
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