(HELP) Files getting corrupted & Game crashing to desktop

First of all my sytem:

Phenom II 960t
Seagate Barricuda 320gb HDD
12gb DDR3 Vengence
620w power supply (no name)
Radeon XFX HD 6770
Asus M5A97 Motherboard

My Computer worked fine the first few weeks and now is corrupting files and even on 1 of the times i reinstalled windows in the middle of instilation it said files were corrupt also games crash to desktop with no error messages .The first thing i thought it would be was my Hard drive so i bought a new 1 and there was no change.So then I bought new Ram same make and model and still no change to my system.After that i thought it could be my power supply and bought the exact same model as before and nothing changed. I alo tried my gpu and cpu ram and psu in a diffrent motherboard and still the same problem lol. i dont know what else to try is there a chance its my whole systems ? and any help would be much appreciated with this roblem

Cheers for any help you can offer
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  1. First I'd run a program that scans the HDD for any errors. If the HDD passes, test the RAM. If the RAM passes, try a new motherboard.
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