Need advice on new GPU for old system

Hello everyone,

I have an old computer and am starting to look to see what kind of GPU i would be able to upgrade to without getting a new PSU. i am only looking to use a single GPU and not SLI or crossfire. The PSU i have currently is a Thermaltake toughpower 600W with 2 12V rails at 18A each. the GPU i have currently is an overclocked XFX Geforce 8800 GTS 512MB ( they call this overclocked card the alpha dog edition). when i first looked into it a few weeks ago i found that the 12V rail only Had 18A but later found i supposedly have 2 18A rails that i could combine to have a total of 36A.

now i am just starting to get into calculating how much power my PSU could handle so if i am wrong in this assumption please provide any feedback about this you could give me.

basically i am looking to see what would be a cost effective upgrade from the 8800 i have now. i am looking for a card in the 100-200 range (CAN$) and will give me 1GB or more VRAM and DX11 support and if possible let me run 3 monitors. i like to stick with Nvidia cards but will consider ATI as well

my system specs:

Windows 7 SP1
Intel Cored 2 Quad Q6600
4GB Corsair TWINX 800MHZ DDR2 ram
Asus P5N-E SLI mobo
HT Omega Striker 7.1 sound card(PCI)
2x 1TB HDD
Thermaltake tough power 600W PSU
XFX geforce 8800GTS 512MB overclocked Alpha Dog Edition

here is a link to my PSU:
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    For the level of performance you want and to stay within your PSU limitations, you'll want the new gen of 28nm cards as they're far more energy efficient than the last gen.

    If you want something now, I think the AMD 7770 is your best bet. I would recommend this one
    You get to play all the newest games (the demanding ones at medium quality) with smooth preformance. hopefully they're giving away the free games in Canada too, and you get life-time warranty with XFX plus that card has a better cooler so it'll run quieter and cooler than reference :)

    If you want something from Nvidia, 560-ti will be the best option right now. but that's from the last generation, and ideally I'd say you should wait until a mid-range card with the new 28nm core becomes available

    Hope this helps!
  2. thanks for the reply. that XFX 7770 does look good and the free games seem to be offered with that card everywhere on the net.
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  4. Your welcome and happy gaming! Thanks for Best Answer :)
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