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Power supply popped, what'd it take with it?

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June 24, 2012 9:02:47 PM

Short story: My PSU popped! got a new one, but PC still doesn't work. Stripped down to CPU, MB, and brand new memory. Is the CPU or MB more likely to be bad?

Long story: A week ago the lights in the house flickered, which popped my cheapo Apevia PSU. Had it plugged into a surge protector and everything, but I think it was old and cranky, and filled with too much dust. Ah well.

I ordered a new PSU, and unfortunately it appears that the dying PSU took out something else. Now my computer's fans spin up, the MB lights turn on, but not much else happens. No beeps, no display.

The MB is a ASUS M4A88T-M, which has some sort of fancy pre-boot memory check. When I turn it on, its DRAM LED flashes continuously. Researching the problem, it sounded like the MB could be trying to find working settings for my memory, but I left it for a good long time and it just kept blinking. Thinking the memory was possibly fried, I found a decent deal on new memory and installed it, but nothing changed.

I'm down to MB and CPU (AMD Phenom II X2 555). At least one of those has to be bad. Which would be more likely?

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June 27, 2012 11:45:42 PM

Turns out I'm just dumb. I never connected the 4 wire CPU power cable. Once I connected that, it blinked to life just fine.

Although, it turns out the PSU did take out my HD and video card. The HD is pretty painful, but I think all the important stuff is backed up. Ah well, dont buy cheapo power supplies!