DELL m4300 - nvidia quadro fx 360m issues

Hi there,

I'm running a DELL m4300 laptop. Recently the computers startup screen (before it loads the OS), started to look weird (sorry about the poor quality):

Sometimes I'm able to start the computer properly, and make it work for a few minutes inside the OS, before the screen flicks a few times, and then goes black.

I've tried reinstalling the OS and replacing the harddisk. It was running Windows XP. Now I'm running Ubuntu 12.04.
I've also tried installing the newest BIOS (A15).

The computer runs well, if I dont load the graphical environment.

How do I debug this problem?

Thanks in advance,
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  1. Hi,

    I'm having a similar problem with my Dell M4300 - in my case the second screen starts flickering and the whole machine slows down when using 3D CAD apps or watching movies (flash), and the only resolution is to reboot.
    I've tried different NVIDIA drivers, and also upadted the BIOS - no luck.

    Finally, I found this post, which mentions a known problem with the GPU in this (and some other DELL) machines:

    I'm not sure if it helps (I did not help me...)

  2. Hi Balázs,

    Thank you!

    DELL offered to fix the laptop free of charge.

  3. i have a black screen also but i fix it if yiu want i help you out
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