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I'm running on a laptop (lenovo y470) specifically. I have only an i3 and nvidia 550m. I usually play games fine, and my CPU rarely goes over 75. However, I get randoms cpu temp spikes at menus. For example, I run blacklight retribution great, but sometimes at the menu my cpu temp spikes to 85 and it throttles down. Why is this and is there any way to stop it from happening? Also could I upgrade my processor if that is the problem?
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  1. does it help if you turn on vsync? seems to me that sometimes menus can render thousands of frames per second and it may cause your cpu to go into overdrive? Not sure, but worth a try.

    Probably is the heatsink and not the CPU though if something is wrong.
  2. Well my laptop is notorious for poorly applied thermal paste. Its just odd that it happens at menus. I always have vsync on. I play league also and my fps only drops when at shop (another menu) haha
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