Computer was running and died, now doesn't turn on again

Hello, guys.

I was using my computer when it suddenly restarted. Then it got to windows loading screen and restarted again. Then it didn't pass the POST and restarted again, and right now when I press the power button it just spins the fans for a second and dies.

I've been using it for six months and didn't open its case for a while, so I'm kind of discarding misconnections (I'm sure power button, reset button, power and hdd leds and speakers are fine).

After I left my computer for half hour, I was able to get to the Bios Setup, but then it turned off when I was trying to change the settings and I wasn't able to do that again so far.

My specs:
CPU: Intel i7-2600
MoBo: Asus P8P67 Rev 3.1
RAM: 2x 4GB A-Data Gaming Series DDR-3 1600G 1.5V
Graphics Card: 1x MSI N560GTX V5.1 G/SE
PSU: Cooler Master Bronze GX650W
HD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB SATA2
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate

I've tried pretty much everything I saw here:

But I actually have one noob question regarding the first point of the checklist: My MoBo has one 8-pin slot for power supply, but my PSU doesn't have one 8-pin power plug. Indeed it has 2 4-pin power plugs, but if I gather them together the patterns don't match the MoBo slot. What I've done so far is to plug only one 4-pin to the first 4-pins of the 8-pin slot in my MoBo, but should this be enough?

Also, another noob question: My Graphics Card has 2 6-pin slots for power supply, and my PSU does have 2 6-pin plugs that fit my video card. Should I plug both? One? None? :P

I noticed that when I didn't touch it for a while, it used to boot for few minutes, but right now that doesn't happen anymore.

I appreciate any suggestions!

Update: I just took everything out of my case and tried to turn on just MoBo + PSU, the CPU fan (and the PSU fan) just spin a little and then die again. If I use a jumper wire from the green cable to any of the black cable in my PSU, its fan spins normally as it would do when the computer is on.

Can I believe my MoBo is dead or can I still hold some hope about it?
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    The two 4 pin power connectors are for the motherboard. You need to look at your documentation, or on line and figure out how they should be connected.

  2. I was gonna ask if you could spell "Dead motherboard", but apparently you already did. =/ Thats what it looks like, though I could just be wrong; we all are sometimes.
  3. OH, WAIT WAIT, I JUST REMEMBERED! I had a very similar issue once when i was cleaning out my old system and it was doing the exact same thing. Turns out that when i put the heatsink back on, it got snagged on something and wasn't in coneact with the CPU, and thankfully Intel's thermal sensor in the CPU kicked in and started shutting it down due to rediculous temps. I couldn't figure it out, and kept turning it back on, itd go for a minute, then die. Then it could go for 30 seconds, then itd die. Then eventually, it come on for a second and then die again. When i realised the problem, I reseated the heatsink (and cleaned it), and it worked perfectly again after that. Maybe this is your problem?
  4. Actually, what i said isnt terribly likely considering that you could actually kinda boot into bios for a while and stuff.. no I think your motherboard is f*cked or your PSU is f*cked. Try testing them with a multimeter and see if theyre successfully receiving power or if something is causing problems. Check all your contact points thoroughly for debris like dust bunnies or perhaps some form of foreign object touching two points together. Plenty of things can cause problems that seem a lot like death of a component. :I
  5. Just to update the situation two years later, my Asus MoBo was dead and I had to replace it for a new (and cheaper) Gigabyte one, which is working fine until now.
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