19"/20" 16ms panels from Lg soon!

Looks like they are RIGHT around the corner. You can already purchase Lg's new 16ms 19" and 20" inch monitors if you're in sweden/europe.

Here's a quick informal review of Lgs 20" 16ms panel


Here's the url to the swedish Lg page which is the only one I can find so far with both 16ms products listed in the product portfolio's


Lg's UK site also has the product info for the 20" 16ms panel, but not the 19". Hope to see more channel penetration soon!

Hopefully these will hit the mainstream channels soon!

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  1. NICE!!!!!
    *drools, falls over on desk unconcious, dreaming about a 20.1" in front of him*
    I been waiting for this one! After reading the guy's review several times carefully I remain happy about this monitor and hopeful. And WTF! He got it for 1.5K!! Maybe I can get a student discount and get it at like 1.2K hehe.

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  2. O God I'm gonna cry, my vid card does 1280x1024 max on dvi lol. Eh, analog ain't bad, I'll use that till I get a Quadro or GeForce 7.

    All the things I really like to do are either illegal, immoral, or fattening.
  3. It's also listed here: <A HREF="http://www.lgphilips-lcd.com:8888/English/product/p.html" target="_new">http://www.lgphilips-lcd.com:8888/English/product/p.html</A>

    Under a different name tho. Anyways, it's also in the UK.

    All the things I really like to do are either illegal, immoral, or fattening.
  4. I told myself I'm not buying flat panel until I find a good looking 19/20" with 16ms or better. I can't find a single one out there yet with these specs. The above news is promising.....I freaking out here waiting for this technology to come along.

    I should be buying a bicycle to get some exercise or something but NO, I think I'll blow all my money on a computer screen even though my current 19 CRT is just fine :)

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  5. these monitors look great, if only the 19" one was available in the UK!

    I can find the 20" on sale, but i can't play games in 1600x1200 so it's probably not worth buying the 20"
  6. You gotta remember the LG has a crappy 400:1 contrast. Come on, there's been 700:1 contrast displays for over 2 months now (i.e. the Sharp). I'll wait for 19" <16ms 700:1 + displays!
  7. I heard that 250:1 was pretty good contrast. Do we really need 700:1? I don't know but I do want a super-nice monitor if I'm going to fork out that kind of cash.

    So, I live in the US (Wisconis) - where might I be able to buy one of these 16ms 19" monitors? I've been searching but have not found.

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  8. 1:700 sounds like they're manipulating the figures a bit.

    does 1:700 actually look any different to 1:500?
  9. 250:1 is very poor actually. Another large complaint about LCD's was always the Contrast ratio. CRT's are usually in the 500:1 - 800:1 area. Yes I do think a 700:1 contrast would certainly make a big difference. Its yet another think that can be cross off on the list to why LCD's are not as good as CRT's :)
  10. I was thinking a 500:1 would at least be a requiremnt of mine.

    Maybe I'm just a slut for new technology and willing to spend tons of extra money on it but these LCD screens really have my interest. I would actually have room on my desk for a keyboard in front of the monitor and I wouldn't be stuck in a corner where my CRT monitor sticks 2 feet off the back of my desk. I havn't cleaned back there in five years cuz I'm too weak from playing video games to move my 800lb CRT.

    Do you think chicks would pounce on me for having such a cool looking LCD? I think so.

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  11. lol, I don't think picking up chicks by showing them ur uber l337 comp is the best way :tongue:
    But yeah, it'd look nice.

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