What should I upgrade?

alright you guys I have a question to ask which component should I upgrade? I currently have an amd fx-4100 cpu and a gtx 550ti gpu. I am a gamer and I do video editing,rendering and encoding. I would like to know what I should upgrade. I have around 300 dollars to spend and it will be quite awhile until I can upgrade again. If I were to upgrade the cpu I would get a new mobo and intel i5 ivybridge or if i get a gpu I am going to buy a gtx 660ti. I want to know which will make the biggest difference for me and if my current cpu is going to bottleneck the gtx 660ti.
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  1. if you don't have an ssd, you do that first.
  2. How much RAM do you have? Upgrading something as small as your RAM could make a huge difference.

    More RAM = Just a plain better PC experience

  3. I have 8 gb of ram.
  4. raytseng said:
    if you don't have an ssd, you do that first.

    What is the point of an ssd it only leads to better boot times. Im looking for what will most likely affect me as a gamer.
  5. a better graphics card will affect you gaming experience a lot your cpu should be fine
    games coming out are more demanding so a better graphics card will work
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