800d or HAF X

Hey, i am in a bit of a pickle, (love that word)
I have just bought a new setup, and want a new case, the case i have now is a midi tower, that is in full aluminium.
the case i have i want to be black, and i will probarbly put a couple LEDs in there, as a color scheme, what case should i then choose, ive been looking at the HAF X and the 800d, think is, the 800d is x2 the price here in norway. i am going to be water cooling my CPU, but not GPU, i like the clean look of the 800d and the cable managment, but the HAF X is so well aircooled. so i have great airflow,
also, what case is the bigges/looks the biggest?

Thank you very much,
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  1. Both those cases are great have you looked at the NZXT SWITCH 810?
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    Both are great, you could get either and wouldn't be dissatisfied.

    Just a tip, if your going to install a triple radiator in the top of the HAF-X, you cant use the top 5.25" bay (or you have to get something short like my fan controller to go there).

    Wouldn't worry about cable management on the HAF-X, thing has plenty of room back there. 7 HDD's, 6 channel fan controller (Hooked up to 10 fans :D), LED's and the usual cables all fit back there just fine, if not very pretty looking.
  3. Ok, Thank you, are there ant more cases that show GPU and CPU?? thax
  4. Should i choose the switch over the phantom?
  5. Any case with a transparent side panel will do that.

    Look at Antec (the Eleven Hundred is fairly good) and NZXT, they also make pretty good cases.
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  7. Twinkletoes said:
    Should i choose the switch over the phantom?
    I would but i think it comes down to Personal Preference ;)
  8. Ok, is there any performance difference??
  9. Among good cases there is very little to no performance difference. Ambient temperature would play a bigger role than the case at this point.
  10. Ok, THX 4 The help
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