What to do with 3d gaming and AMD..

Here's the lay out of my system right now..

No Overclocking done.

Intel Core i5-2500K Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz
Rosewill Stallion Series RD500-2DB 500W ATX12V Power Supply
SAPPHIRE 100315L Radeon HD 6850
16Gb Ram
ASUS P8Z68-V LX motherboard
250Gb storage
30GB SSD bootdrive

Now, I bought a SAMSUNG S23A700D Black 23" 2ms HDMI Widescreen 3D Capable LED-Backlit LCD Monitor and LG Black 12X Internal Blu-ray Drive 3D Playback for 3d Gaming and movie watching.

I've spend the last 5 days or so contemplating on getting a new video card, and selling my 6850 (along with my ASRock Motherboard that has a bad ram slot) for a hundred bucks.. But I don't know if it's even worth it to upgrade to a 7850 or a 7950/7990 (I left out the 7870 because I heard you can flash the bios on the 7850 to get it to a 7870)

I know my Bootdrive it tiny, I'm thinking of upgrading that as well, and my 250GB of storage is small, but it's fine for my purposes.

I would like to play 3d games and enjoy playing them, what do you suggest I do?
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  1. I should add, Money is important when figuring cost to performance ratio. And, I'd like to also mention that I don't play a lot of difficult to render games. As is right now, I play skyrim on Max.. and it's just fine.. however, I did want to move to 3d realms..
  2. You do know nVidia is, leading and has better support for 3D? Well what games were you planning on playing? Your proc. is great, but here's the catch. 500w PSU, its not bad but aint no golden statue. Honestly, I would grab a GeForce GTX 560 Ti (HURRY! It's 170$ and usually is 250. This is a great card, 60fps in Skyrim, 40-50 maybe in BF3, etc. http://www.logicbuy.com/deals/zotac-nvidia-geforce-gtx-560-video-card/33480.aspx

    (P.S. Yes this is on the front page of Tom's.)

    This card should do just fine if your only intending on one monitor, and not THE BEST! of the best games. Still good games no dought.
  3. remove 8 gb of ram and invest it in a better psu

    and if your on a budget, why a 2500k, which is unlocked for overclocking purposes?
  4. There is nothing harmful about 3D other than the possible strobing that occurs when it flashing the images from one eye to the next. The images you see is exactly the images you see in normal real life and we've been using similar technology for many many years with CRT monitors, where the images quickly refreshes your view 60 times per second.

    Anyways, while I would have recommended you go 3D Vision 2, you already have an HD3D monitor, so you will want to stick with AMD for your 3D. If you read some of the comparison articles earlier this year (or late last year), you would have learned they are not that different in the end. AMD's setup is harder to use, but has a few advantages, such as virtual 3D, which can hugely improve 3D performance at a mild loss of image quality.

    With 3D, you don't want to go cheap, because most all those who complain about how it gives them headaches, are getting headaches due to low FPS. I find with a single GTX 680, most games require me to lower settings to use 3D vision and I always try for 50-60 FPS at all times. If it goes lower, simulator sickness kicks in (this happens to me with or without 3D). The good news is that lowered settings in 3D is far better than the highest settings without 3D, assuming the game supports 3D well. You'll also find that 3D gaming is far better than 3D movies.

    I'd recommend getting the best card you can afford if you want to use 3D.
  5. Get a good PSU before you do anything else.
  6. I should probably explain myself further.

    I read an article about avoiding buying another card due to the fact that games are playable now on pretty much anything 2010+.. so, my 6850 will work for that.

    It's sad, really, the game I play the most is.. counter-strike 1.6. Was hoping moving into 3d gaming would help me experience so of the same feelings you all get while playing other titles..

    And.. I think I've decided to go with the 7950. It should keep my current for the next 3 years.. or.. well, keep my at near max for the next 3 years.. then I can CF them.. and.. we'll be golden.
  7. you really should avoid using that power supply.
  8. give it maybe 6 mos to a year and 3d will be dead..Again.
  9. egilbe said:
    you really should avoid using that power supply.

    you really should avoid posting.
  10. Why are you advising to replace his power supply? It's a decent unit.

    @OP: You already have the 3d monitor, why don't you try what's your current performance of games on your current card?
  11. +1 to 3d gaming. It's a whole different world! Nvidia is the only one that does it right. AMD version just causes frustration.
  12. Anonymous said:
    you really should avoid posting.

    you should really take your own advise.
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