Grandpa's Laptop connects everywhere but at home

My grandpa has quite possible the most confusing internet problem I've ever dealt with and I can't find anyone with a similar issue. He has a Dell Inspiron 8200 (running XP) with a wired internet port and comcast internet.

I went over the other day to see if I could fix his problem. My laptop connected to his modem without any trouble. I did all the usual stuff like making sure his drivers were up to date and clearing his DNS cache. Nothing would let his laptop connect. He said hes had comcast over to look at it and been on the phone with them for hours only for them to give up and say his computer was broken. He took it in and they said there was no problem with it and it connected just fine to the internet there. I have had it at two peoples houses and it works there just fine.

Anyone have any ideas? I'm curious if there are some modems that have issues with XP? I don't know if I should reformat his PC with windows 7/vista or if I should try calling comcast and telling them its their modem?
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  1. Lower the security of the router try then. That's a pretty old laptop, the wireless may not work well with whatever setting is used for WiFi. Could be an issue between the Router and WiFi card also. Can try an external card.
  2. there is no wireless involved. Its a direct plug in to the modem.
  3. If you do an ipconfig /all command, what is the result?

    Is it the same as on the other computers that connect?

    Some modems filter by MAC address and can take a bit to connect to a computer. Try to reset the modem.

    If you had another computer working with this, it would not be the cable or that would be the first thing to check.
  4. not there right now to check in ipconfig list but I did reset the modem and have tried different cables
  5. bump... is it possible that the settings only allow it to connect through a router or gateway and directly connecting to the modem is causing it issues?
  6. Nope... the computer shouldn't care either way. Might want to unplug the modem for about 30 seconds to start... let it clear any configurations loaded into it from Comcast. Plug it back in and try connecting the computer again.

    Were you able to get an ipconfig /all output as hang-the-9 requested? If so, please post it here.
  7. It really sounds like the modem is not connecting to the computer properly, I have run into this before, they match MAC addresses to whatever connects to them, and then that gets stuck, and it won't talk to any other card. Find out how to do a full reset of the modem, not just unplug it and re-plug it. In at least one case I dealt with I had to do that to get a modem to see a new Router someone got.
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