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Is there a good stress test program for GPUs? I am looking for one to test on my GPU to see if it is the cause of Black Screens I am getting while gaming. I'm hoping a stress test might be able to help with coming to the conclusion.

Running a Radeon 7870.
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  1. did you ever resolve this? because i have the same black screens while playing high power games
  2. I was unable to resolve the issue Mike. I ended up RMAing the GPU thinking it was the cause. That was not the case. Even the new GPU was still giving me BSOD. I decided to just ditch the GPU and go with an Nvidia card. Sorry if this doesn't help. :(
  3. brand and model of power supply use
    suddenly energy fails him enough or stable video card
    try reinstalling the s. o.
    be ruled out that that is not the problem
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