Kepler vs. Fermi: Is Kepler noticably better for After Effects and CS6

Debating between two EVGA cards for a new build.

I don't game at all, but I want the most kickass system I can for After Effects and Sony Vegas.

Kepler option:

Fermi option:

Will spending more and waiting for Kepler net that much of a performance gain?
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  1. From what iv'e heard the GTX 580 is better than the 680 at computing stuff. The 680 is better for games,and since your not using the Graphics card for gameing the GTX 570 or 580 would be better for you.

    If you want a kickass system i would say go with a High end intel cpu and get more ram. Ram is a lot cheaper these days
  2. Yeah, I bought a Core i7 3770K and 32gb of DDR3 RAM yesterday.

    I just want to kick the most ass with OpenGL and Cuda cores as I can.
  3. The 680's definitely better than the 570. It's not up to the 580's general compute performance, though.,3161-15.html
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