My comp crashes when i put my GTX 550 ti in

when i plug the power to my gtx 550 TI my comp goes so much slower than it should
(i5 2500k, 8 gb of RAM) and even though when i play a game (i used minecraft because i can press f3 to see the system usage) it shows that it is running very fast. but it is laggy and after a little bit, it will crash. i played it without the card and it worked fine, albeit, with the game saying it had a lower FPS. the drivers have been installed multiple times so its not that, and a 760w psu should work fine with it and i have no reason to think its that, because when it crashes or freezes i will hear the noise of whatever was being played like static. what is it?
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  1. iknowhowtofixit said:
    What model PSU do you have? Also, did you have a graphics card prior to the GTX 550 Ti?

    a pc power and cooling silencer 760w and no, it is a brand new build
  2. iknowhowtofixit said:
    That GPU just isn't very powerful, even AMD's 7770 is 15-40% fast on average:

    But, you are saying that you are having stability issues. I would try reformatting, since you have already attempted to reload the drivers. If that doesn't resolve the issue, I would try to test a different power supply. If that doesn't work it may be your motherboard.

    However, I bet between reformatting and checking the PSU, you will likely find an answer.

    just double checking, i can copy all my stuff to a DVD or something and it wont matter, right?
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