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3570k or 8350?

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October 30, 2012 12:18:14 PM

Hi guys!

I've been thinking about getting one of these processors however, these are my points of view:

if i go for the 8350 ill disable 4 cores (on core per module so each core has 2mb L2 cache)
-> there's a chance of multi threaded games in the future
-> i like the amd motherboards

if i go for the 3570k:
-> i dont like the intel motherboards (if i get intel, ill get an asrock mobo, fatal1ty p67 i think it is)
-> 10 euros more expensive
-> no support if games will use more than 4 threads

Could you give me your opinion please?

Thanks alot!


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October 30, 2012 12:30:47 PM

3570k is a better cpu.
In any application that is heavily threadec a simply overclock on the 3570 will make up any difference
October 30, 2012 12:52:36 PM

You can also overclock the 8350 if you look at it that way...
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October 30, 2012 12:59:18 PM

demisor said:
You can also overclock the 8350 if you look at it that way...

5ghz 83xx or 4ghz ivy ill put my bet on ivy
October 30, 2012 2:13:25 PM

8350 any day..
I bought the Fx 6100 early because 8350 was not yet released. and it is Great in massive WvWvW battle.
Before i had issues fighting with invisible enemies and many times lag using skills.

Now all issues are passés.

October 30, 2012 2:36:06 PM

doh :(  you guys are making it hard
October 30, 2012 3:47:32 PM

Only fanboys make it hard.

In almost all games 3570k is faster.

There's only a few games that 8350 looks like it performs as good or better such as BF3. Then again BF3 performance is mixed in reviews, in most reviews it looks to be hitting a GPU bottleneck where it's wins or loses against the 3570k by a few FPS.

There's weird results in PureOC and Rage3d tests where 8350 has a huge lead. The weird thing about rage3d results shows the 8150 even better then 8350. PureOC is using a GTX660 so it's a mystery to me why they are not running into a GPU bottleneck.

Vr-zone has a multi GPU article where the 3770k absolutely kicks the 8350 ass in BF3. However, this is only review I can find like this so it may not be accurate.

Almost all games the 8350 is capable of giving you more then 60 FPS provided you have a powerful enough GPU. So will you notice much difference between 3570k and 8350 CPU in games?, probably not. Only exception I could find is with Starcraft 2 with Ultra CPU settings. 8350 seems to cap out at 48 FPS while the 3570k is at 68 FPS.

Personally I would pick the 3570k because it's higher performance in games, lower power consumption and generates less heat. I'm also much more picky then the average gamer, I care about min fps and frame latency.

BTW: don't disable 4 cores in the 8350. You're disabling the only thing that allows this CPU to compete against the 3570k.
October 30, 2012 4:30:12 PM

I'll echo not disabling cores in the 8350. You're basically neutering it. Keep in mind that it exists to make up for the shortcomings of Bulldozer which means those extra cores actually have meaning now.
October 30, 2012 5:43:16 PM

You forgot 8320 that is exactly the same chip as 8350 the only difference between them is the strest test done by AMD, that means 8350 will OC higher than 8320.

Also if you go for a 3570K is better to look into Z77 boards, Asrock extreme 4 or gygabyte ud3h are good choices.

For threaded workloads 83XX is better than i5, for gaming i5 is better