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I have an Asus Essentio CG5275-AR003

( see for specs: )

I want to upgrade to a dedicated graphics card in order to play Tera Online and Guild Wars 2 fluidly (Tera is on BARE minimum right now). My budget is no more than 200 with shipping. Please recommend the best GPU for my PC. Thank you!
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  1. Wow, 63 views and NO REPLIES.
  2. HaHa, hi, neither games are really intensive, the reason you can barely play is because you seem to only have very crappy integrated graphics, so since you have a $200 budget I have to ask something, is this the ONLY games you plan on playing, because then you can go for something cheaper instead of something costing $200, since neither of the games are very intensive, but heres the high end card i recommend at about $200:
    its $200 with rebate buts its a high quality card from a good company, they have good customer service and a 3 year warranty(i have a msi card, they are good), the 560 Ti is definitely the best card at that price

    heres a lower end card:
    it will still run the games you listed great, it is also from a good company as well, and this card is super cheap, 89$ with the rebate!, 119$ without
  3. If you want something in the middle as far a price and power these 2 cards are nice
    XFX 6850 $139.99, $124.99 after rebate and 2 free games.

    XFX 6870 $179.99, $149.99 after rebate.

    Did you upgrade your PSU? It says it's only 400watts. If your staying with the PSU go with the 6770 matter37 listed even then you'll be close.
  4. oops lol i didnt look it over as well as I should have, yes go with the 6770 if you dont have/get a better psu
  5. Sorry. I didn't see these replies!!

    Well I hoped to play more graphic-intense games but right now just Tera Online lol. My PSU was JUST upgraded to OCZ ModXStream Pro 600W, from newegg. I noticed that my old one was JUST at bare minimum. I did find a good 550 ti, but its the geforce 560 really better??

    Thankfully since I did do the power upgrade, I can look at the slightly nicer cards now ^_^.
  6. go for hd 6870 it can play all games on high settings with some aa on 1080p with decent fps.if u can streach your budget then get an hd 7850 as said above.:)
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