i HAVE CORE 2 DUO Intel processor and a new motherboard...new hdd..i have connected every component fine and when i switch on i get no signal from monitor and no beef too...but the lights on motherboard glows and the fans are running....i tried removing the ram and trying to power on the system ...but same thing happens...help me guys..i don't know what to do,....
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  1. the processor is not coming on. Do you have the pc pwer connector connected to the motherbd?
    Check your power supply voltages and if they are good then its motherbd or cpu
  2. Perhaps there is a short between case and motherboard. Double check your rig by working through the troubleshooting guide we have here at Tom's. Follow the link in my signature.
  3. Hi :)

    You DID install a system speaker to the Motherboard ?

    All the best Brett :)
  4. motherboard light glows and cpu fan too movies..so i don't think it is short between case and MB..I don't think there is any problem with processor as it was running fine before...pls do help...how can i confirm if any short is there or not
  5. sorry for the delay in my response. The best way to test for a short is to breadboard your motherboard. The detailed process is explained in the troubleshooting guide (assuming you haven't read it yet)
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