PC freezes/crashes with weird colours after 5 minutes of gaming

Hi, I just got my brand new gaming PC delivered and after I installed all the essentials i tried running Heroes of Newerth and 5 minutes into the game my PC crashed badl. The game screen froze and it got all blurry and colorful and there was a looping sound coming from the headphones. This problem persisted all day on few more games, the time before the crush varies though. I just played 2hrs of Swtor and it was fine until it suprised me with another crash.

I did alot of browsing here and there and tried many things. I tried uninstalling one of either the Realtek or the Nvidia sound drivers, because someone suggested that the sound drivers might be in conflict. I tried puting the RAM in the spare slots, I also tried reinstalling graphics drivers and motherboard drivers. I have also checked all the fans and they are working perfectly fine at all times.

I am using a 64bit Windows 7
CPU - Intel Core i5 2500k
MB- Asus p8z68-v LX
RAM - 8gb Corsair 1600mhz Vengeance (2x4)
Hard Drive -1tb S-ataIII 6.0gb/s
Graphics - Nvidia GeForce GTX550 Ti1GB
PSU - 600W Xigmatek

I would appreciate any advice on how to approach this. The PC is ONE DAY old and its really frustrating to have this problem since I have been saving up for a new PC for few months now....
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  1. Run games with temp monitoring software on, have them log activity.
    The one thing that I have to ask is why is the PSU only 600W ?
    I had a 650W PSU on my now dead P4 socket 478.
    How many HDDs and/or SSDs in the system ? How many optical drives ?
    The sound you want disabled is the HDMI Nvidia HD sound.
    You can try reseating the video card and make sure it's held firmly in place and the power cable from PSU is connected to it properly.
    Once in a blue moon you get a (chinese) bad video card, RMA the video card for now, see if anything changes. Anytime opening the box, make sure you touch metal with one hand for grounding, don't forget to switch off and disconnect power.
  2. It seems like you have a GPU overheating, so make sure first by check the card's temp when playing games, above 90'C is consider an overheating...
  3. It sound like a heat problem I will link you to some programs to help you find the problem. The first two are MSI Afterburner for monitoring your temps and your FPS and you can have them on the screen while playing your game and the other is the user manual.






    This one is to put your gpu under stress to see if it will cause the problem to happen and bench marking. I hope this all helps and good luck to you.

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