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Windows Activation Question

Has any one eels had luck on this..
Current Set up Intel Due core 1.8 GHz with a crappy motherboard from Dell it had Windows vista on it But now it has Windows 7 64 bit.

What I want to do is use my Hard drive on a New Amd platform Well it be able to Activate My Window 7 with out having to buy a new one if I reformat the drive.. I was able to Reformat my Laptop sata Drive !__!

Sorry if this been already ask.
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    If you are running the retail version of windows 7 then you should be able to activate it without a problem on the new platform (you might have to call MS though). If you are running the OEM version of Windows 7, you won't be able to activate it on the new platform.
  2. I'm running Retail I brought it from best buy about a year or so ago when it hit the market
  3. You should be fine then
  4. Thanks Man..
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  6. even if its oem you can still phone m.s. you will be put through to a rep and you just tell him that your upgrading... you dont need to say that your scrapping everything from the old rig and just keeping the hdd... just tell him you replaced the motherboard and needed to reformat due to a HAL. error. (hardware abstraction layer)
    i did this for xp and my system activated perfectly when he game me a new number... problem is when ever you format it again you will have to phone m.s but this time all you will need to do is type in the number that windows gives you.
  7. ok I got another Question if you ok to answer dont want to make a new thread
  8. The second MB is the better board.
  9. ya but then I have to Swicth out Cpus in wait a month or to before I can get the Amd 6 core
  10. If you have to wait then wait, but don't get that first board, it sucks.
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