Power supply for amd fx4100 without graphic card

how much power supply shouid i buy for amd fx4100 without graphic card
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  1. A decent 350-400W should be plenty. Go for a name brand.
  2. Just remember that the fx line does not have integrated graphics; so if your motherbd does not have a built in gpu then you will need one.
  3. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Antec+-+450-Watt+Power+Supply/4070566.p?id=1218454388147&skuId=4070566&ky=2oh0NrwOl4j1qjMx3Oy2gXfVGhMUl0WiJ&ci_src=11138&ci_sku=4070566&AID=10474050&PID=3938566&URL=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.bestbuy.com%2Fsite%2FAntec%2B-%2B450-Watt%2BPower%2BSupply%2F4070566.p%3Fid%3D1218454388147%26skuId%3D4070566%26ky%3D2oh0NrwOl4j1qjMx3Oy2gXfVGhMUl0WiJ%26ci_src%3D11138%26ci_sku%3D4070566&ref=39&CJPID=3938566&loc=01

    This is pretty much THE BEST power supply under $40. It's better than the CX 430 and has more wattage as well. It's a tier 2 power supply on the EggXpert PSU Tier list (from newegg experts or something like that, can't remember) They don't get much cheaper, and using any PSU under $30 is taking a risk with your entire system.

    I'd recommend this, it'll be perfectly fine for your needs. It can even support up to a GTX 650ti/7770 Ghz Ed. along with your FX-4100.

    Good luck on your build!
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