Monitor Goes black on startup and randomly

Hi, so ive been having this problem for a few weeks, thinking back now I believe this started after I updated my nvidia drivers and I think that may be a cause but I have not been able to find anyone with the exact problem as me on other forums and such.

For a few weeks whenever I turn on my computer it goes through boot and everything fine, the windows screen fine, and once it hits my desktop immediately the screen goes black. The monitor is still on, blue light and everything it isnt even going into sleep mode or anything it just goes black, and I have to turn the monitor off and back on and it works fine. This also happens at random points during use, no specific thing seems to make this happen while it is being used but it does go black every time on boot once it hits desktop and starts loading my default stuff (i.e. antivirus and mouse drivers).

Has anyone had this issue? This never happened to me before I installed my new drivers and I have had this system for over 4 years, im not sure if the drivers are the problem but it is definitely the point at which things changed for my system.

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  1. Been reading up on various forums throughout the day still not much help, hoping someone out there has had my issue.
  2. I was dealing with this issue for months, switching cables, drivers was even about to sell my acer 4k curved monitor. Partly the driver has to do with this and they drivers are getting better for AMD/Nvidia , but i think the solution is hiding in your Monitors OSD menu the entire time. After trying all the methods from internet switching my mode from DP1.2 to DP 1.1 in the monitor setting fully solved it for me. Its been a week since i switched it and not 1 black screen, i don't even get screen flickering anymore. Great thing is switching this does not affect any graphics or refresh issue, im still at a solid 75hz on my 4k monitor using crimson 15.2.1 driver and using a DP 1.2 cable (that came with monitor). So try doing this and let me know if you have success. Im positive it will work as i was on the same boat as alot of you here but this one DID IT. Good luck and keep me posted.
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