HP WX9400 CPU Heat Exchanger

I've added a second CPU and the only heat exchanger that I could find for the socket F processor is much smaller than the factory one. Also the cooling fan on the exchanger doesn't have the same connector. The bios is rejecting the CPU since it can't see the that there is a cooling fan.
Anyone know how to over ride this bios safety feature?
Or does anyone know where I can get the correct heat exchanger?
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  1. That's it. Now on order.
    Thank you very much.
  2. Part received, installed and working fine. Very impressed with TXcess Surplus.
    BIOS shows both processors with no errors. Windows Device Manager shows all four cores as functional.
    But Windows System only shows one CPU and Task Manager only shows two Cores.
    Are there any settings in Windows that need to be changed for it to see the second CPU?
    Any other thoughts?
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