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Looking to upgrade my Video card, heard that going AMD video card with the AMD mobo and CPU is a better option. I have always used nvidia so I was looking to get this but I was wondering if there is a stronger AMD card for about 120-150.
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  1. hd6850 or 6870 is more powerful than 550 ti for the price range you asked for. well that's what passmark said on their benchmark for top end gpus.

    EDIT: copied the wrong link first time, sorry.
  3. how does this one look, same price and comes overclocked, is it worth the price jump to go 6870?
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  5. Another peep posted this deal for a 560ti on another thread
  6. Awesome I think 6870 will be the way to go for me, anyone know about the second part of my question concerning if the AMD card actually has a greater combined performance when running alongside an AMD cpu and mobo? Or is that just marketing?
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  8. mcmurraym, that last question you asked is true if you bought a APU that is capable of crossfire with a dedicated gpu other than that nope.
  9. Ok, thank you very much for all the info I know where I am headed now with my purchase.
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