Need advice on buying new system.

I'm currently looking at 2 computers. To avoid typing all the specs I took 2 screenshots of the specs. Is it worth the extra 579$ for the 2nd one or is the 1st one already fast enough? I do a lot of gaming and I like to keep all the graphics on the highest settings(and hopefully for years to come). - $1119 - $1698

I'm ready and willing to buy either. Still doing some research. Would like some advice from the technical community. I've looked into making my own but since I don't have any stores to buy the parts nearby I'd be ordering all of the stuff online, so I have to add shipping cost to each item. Plus having to deal with combatibility issues the pricepoint really isn't pushing me in that direction.

Nothing will end up being over-clocked I want my system to last.

Basically this is what I can figure. They are both really good systems as far as I can tell. On the 2nd one the processor is a little bit better. I've seen reviews on both performing the same task on the same machine and the difference was noticable. The graphics card on the 2nd basically blows the 1st ones out of the water but it was a lot cheaper upgrade and I didn't have to upgrade the power core too. I had to upgrade the power to 600 watts on the 2nd so that was an extra 70$ because of the graphics card. Both have the same ram and I'll end up buying 2x 4gb ram sticks to make either machine 14gb ram. After market ram is just way cheaper they are trying to gouge 160$ extra to get 16gb.

Well I'd just like to know your opinions. Last computer I bought was an HP elite series and I've always been happy with it. It's still a decent computer but recently I realized my CPU usage was getting really high on applications I consider to be menial so I figure it's time to buy a new one.
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  1. what do you plan to do with these systems? the cpus are serious overkill for every day tasks or gaming.
  2. Gaming and multitasking. I often run 2 or 3 games at a time while doing other things. I also want it to last for years so I can run still play the highest res games and stuff.
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