Bottlenecking ? low fps

I just upgraded my graphics card, from a gtx260 to a n560gtx-ti twin frozr II 2GD5.
everything im reading is saying this card should be able to handle world of warcraft on ultra with ease but i am getting 10 - 20 fps in a 25 man raid.
was wondering if there is a way to fix this

my computer specs are
intel(R) core (TM)2 quad cpu Q6600 @ 2.4GHz
6 GB or ram
nvidia geforce gtx 560 ti
monitor 1680 x 1050 22 inch

not too good with computers so any help would be appreciated thanks
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  1. What psu are you currently running?

    Your cpu is causing a bottleneck on the 560ti.
    Overclocking your cpu will give your 560ti a good boost. If you dont have any experience in overclcocking ask a friend that knows how to, as its something that takes time to learn. You will aslo want to invest in a good cpu cooler for the overclocking.
  2. i have a corsair tx650W psu
  3. Ok thats good , your psu is not an issue.
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    It's strange because even a q6600 should have no problem with WoW.Anyway I would also suggest may even just try a very small O.C. to see if their are any gains.

    Here's a guide if you don't know how.

    Do you have an aftermarket cooler?
    What motherboard do you have?
  5. i do have an aftermarket heat sink and mobo i dont really remember the specs of it ill have to go find my box unless there is an easier way to find it
  6. Is this a OEM computer?
  7. no i just got my box and it is a nforce 780i sli
    and a zalman cnps9500 at
  8. For wow is hard not having issues with FPS. In my system i play ultra 1600x900 and flying around in most zones i get more than 100 fps (GPU usage 100%), while in a battleground or LFR 25man i get 20-40fps (GPU usage 40-60%). Even in ogrimmar, when its really populated i get 20fps near the bank(GPU usage 15-30%). So the problem is the game, not the hardware...

    Overclocking it will help a lot, becasue wow likes faster frequencies. But you should understand and accept as many of us that WoW is another bad optimized game :(
    Mostly becasue it still uses the same engine from 2004 when it was launch.

    Best regards, sir :)
  9. Alright then it's definitely a CPU bottleneck.Use the guide I provided above and start always be sure to watch your temps.
  10. CPU bottleneck. Invest in a phenom before they're gone from the shelves. or spend twice the money for an intel at 1/5th better performancce. /troll sequence ended.
  11. Does his motherboard support an AMD processor? Not good advice supremeusa....

    Just overclock the Q6600, it will be like a free upgrade!

    Follow the linked guide from purple stank.
  12. Try disabling addons and shadows. That's what causes most performance issues in WoW (speaking from personal experience).
  13. Core 2 Quad's are about the same as many Phenoms II's and some are even faster that them. If I got a Phenom II x4 945 @ 3.6Ghz and i am having the same issue with it, as many people i have met with good machines, even high end ones. It's for sure cpu bottleneck. Overcloking will help a bunch

    Here something you will like to read about World of Wacraft Cataclysm...,2793-9.html

    Take care pal
  14. thanks for all the info i will try to oc the q6600
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  16. whats a good number to stay below on the temp for OC

    TCASE B3=62.2°C; G0=71°C

    It depends which stepping your CPU is.Download CPU-Z and it should tell you.
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