Limited or No Connectivity - XP SP3

Alrighty, this has been frustrating me all week.

I got married last Saturday (18th) and went on the Honeymoon on the 20th. That morning, I am on my desktop computer updating some podcasts etc, internet connection is working fine. I returned from the honeymoon on the 27th, and I have been getting the 'Limited or No Connectivity' warning from my computer.

I've followed the steps I can find on the web (flush DNS, ipconfig, renew, etc) as well as one of those shady looking programs. There is a router, but I have been testing this going straight from the modem to the computer. The modem works, as the laptop computer I am typing this note on is connected hardwired through that. I am at a loss of ideas on what more to do to

My network card is a Marvell Yukon 88e8056 PCI-Gigabit Ethernet Controller. Device Manager says the device is working fine.

Any help that can be provided would be much appreciated

Let me know if more information would be helpful. My ISP is Shaw in Alberta Canada
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  1. If the laptop can connect when attached directly to the modem, then that eliminates issues with the modem and ISP. (note: when switching between devices that are directly connected to a modem, you MUST power cycle to clear the MAC table so that the next device is noticed in a timely fashion).

    I'm going to guess that your NIC suffered a hardware failure. It's not unheard of in the least. I would start by disabling the NIC in the Device Manager, uninstalling the driver, and then rebooting. Hopefully the driver reinstall on startup will solve your issues.
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