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I have 2 computer at home that connect through tcp and I am trying to get a friend 30 minutes away to join I have supplied my ip and host game name but he is still having problems finding the game
Any ideas
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  1. You mean one of your PCs is hosting a game? If so, then you will need to find the port number(s) the game uses and set your router to forward those ports to the PC hosting the game.
  2. Is the IP you gave him 192.x.x.x? That is just an internal IP that will not be seen by the other computer. You need to do the port assignment as above, and you need to give your friend the public IP of your router. He would connect to it by that IP, and it will connect over the port needed to your network. Look here for some more info

    And difference between "private" and "public" IP
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