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I have had my new build (all done myself!) for a few months now.
It runs pretty much every modern game, on Ultra (with a 7870 card) with a good 40-50 minimum FPS, never see a single fps problem and everything runs like a dream.

I thought to myself... meh, why overclock it if I don't have to but since it is (K) series CPU, its almost like it is begging for it so began doing some work to Overclock it.

Using a Gigabyte Z77-D3H Mobo, I decided to use the Auto Tuning program that comes with the board. That didn't work too well as when it got to anything worthwhile during the tests it would just fail to load at BIOS. Fail right there.

So i looked up various different guides and although there were a lot of people saying "use this setting" or "use that setting", a lot of them simply said "Aside from the multiplier, leaving everything at Automatic can be good since it allows your PC to throttle down when idle" and TBH, changing the settings unrelated to the multiplier seemed to be a bad bet overall so I left things to just changing that.

At first I changed it to 45x which worked quite well under Prime35 stress testing for 3-4 hours.
I upped it to 46x just now and that seemed to work just as good with a little higher temps.

I think I can safely say that without any improved coolers (I am using a Thermatek-i-forget-the-model-but-its-a-huge-metal-heatsink-with-a-fan-and-plenty-of-heatpipes) that 46x is good enough for me.

With that all said, here are my Temps from doing Prime 95 for 3 hours at 46x

Max of 88 degrees Celsius (which was logged at the latter part of the test)
(it was about 10 degrees less with the 45x)

At idle it runs at about 36-38 degrees nax

Now the big question is that at max stress testing for a good several hours I am still 20 degrees from the TJ Max but am wondering if I should be happy with the 88 degrees (C) I am getting at 46x and leave it there, throttle back to the 75-80 i was getting at 45x or consider going even further back.

The last thing I want to do is tear down the life of the CPU when i dont need to (after all, current games run quite well and until they need some more OOMF, why bother??) but having it optimized appeals to me as well

What do you think?
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  1. Did you get an aftermarket cooler? 88C is pretty hot.
  2. While the unlocked 3rd generation Intel® Core™ processor can reach temperatures upto 105c max most of us prefer to keep our temperatures in the mid 70s or below under heavy load.

    With the Intel® Core™ i5-3570 and Corsair H100 I was stable at 4.6GHz but my temps were like yours in the mid 80c and I wanted it down more for a 24/7 overclock. I ended up running at 4.3GHz with temperatures around 73c with LinX.
  3. Yeah good point

    80c isnt at breaking point but considering games are going to use the max CPU i give it, and its not as if we play games for 5 minutes... more like 5 hours ;)

    I think the best idea would be to start at stock and then increment by 1 multiplier and test for 2 hours

    The big question is... with this CPU, what do you think is a good stressed temp to aim for?
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