I7 3770 vs i5 3470

i was going to buy the i5 3470 cpu but my friends told me to buy the i7 3770 better.

SO my question: Is it worth to pay 100 more dollars for the i7 3770, i mean will i feel the great diffrence ?and if its can u tell me the diffrence between them if u know?

Notes u should know:
im not going to overclock so i dont need K's.
i will use it in gaming and my engineering applications like autocad,civil 3d and Revit.
my gpu is HD 7850 OC.
my motherboard is H77 since i wont overclock so i dont need Z77.
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  1. If you're doing 3D work, I'd be tempted to go i7. It's also worth checking what GPU acceleration the programs offer.
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    I guess for all intents and purposes, the 3770 is more POWERFUL, but only in certain circumstances, the only difference between the i5 and i7 is slight clock and cache changes, but mainly the HyperThreading, which will make next to no difference in gaming, until multi threaded games start to come out.

    Depending on how much you want to stretch your budget you can go for a 3770 if you do a lot of engineering and enconding and in that case, then 3770 will benefit you quite a bit. But the 3470 can handle it fine as well, you might see a 10%-20% difference in mulit threaded apps with an i7. So it's up to you to decide how much heavily threaded tasks you do, and is it worth paying $100 dollars extra to benefit yourself in those.

    If you were to go for the i5 I'd recommend getting a 3570, for an extra 200MHz, which is just a small boost, but every little helps, for a small price change.
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