Gaming rig 800-850$

hi everyone
in this week ill buy a gaming rig and i want to have best performance from my budget
i want to have acceptable fps at bf3 or crysis 2 with max settings
site:ill buy it from local
usage:mostly gaming
mobo:asus z68-v pro/gene 3(i prefer asus so please dont recommend asrock)
cpu:i5 2500k
gpu:asus 560 ti
ram:corsair vengeance 2x4gb
hdd:western green 1 tera(i know green sucks but i collect films and i need 1 tera and right know im short of money ill add a caviar black later)
power supply:corsair gs600
case:cougar evolution
and i have some questions:
can this rig handle crysis 2 and bf3 and new games with max settings?
and if in future i decide to buy another 560 ti and sli them will my psu handle them or im gonna need a better one?
and does it mind if my gpu be a one 1gb or 2gb? because im gonna buy 1gb and im a little worry about it
thanks for any help
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  1. You can get a 1TB Barracuda for around $90.
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