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I am currently using an EVGA GTX470 with 2 monitors (my gpu wont support anything above that). Although I have 3 monitors ( one 1680x1050 Display, and 2 displays that are, I believe, 1024x600 or 1280x720. However I dont know if investing in a MAtrox triplehead2go is right for my set-up. My other option is to buy a GTX680 due to its 3-screen compatibility. My ultimate goal to accomplish is to be able to run Flight Simulator X on 3 screens, however not as 3 seperate screens but as "one large screen".

Let me know if you need any other information.
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  1. I looked into the matrox triplehead2go before going the eyefinity route on my last build and I know alot of pc's are running the matrox route very successfully. A good number of the users at widescreengaiming use it. They also have a number of patches for older games to run at wider resolutions. But I'm sure one of them is running a similar setup to yours.
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