Gigabyte Mobo Wont POST

Hey Guys,

After a lot of time wasted
i cannot get my PC POST

firstly i have nothing when i turn on my PSU - no lights - not even the clear cmos light

Mobo - GA-X58A-UD3R (rev. 1.0)
PSU - Seasonic 510W

I have replaced both parts above under warranty with brand new ones

I still cant get it to POST

Mistakes i can think of :

with the new board and PSU - i did not try switching the RAM ( i have 3x2G ram ) to white slots

I did not change the thermal paste - have the old paste still left on cpu cooler plate ( Noctua NHD14 ) and i just did not clean that completely ( thought i might leave it as i don't have fresh ones to put on - terrible right ?? )

i did not try taking the RAM altogether and turn on the PC

I dont see a point changing PSU - as mine is a brand new PSU i got

-- Can you guys think of anything else -- or am i totally missing something here ???
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    Are you sure the motherboard standoff's are installed correctly in the case?

    If they're not all installed correctly they could be causing a short in the system which could present itself in this way.
  2. Thnx for the reply beefybish,

    Yes ! loks like a short issue
    Its strange that it never occurred to me to remove the board from the case and see if its working

    Wile i still have two potential causes

    Yes i finally got it working

    First i took it out of case and it the MoBo started fine ( could be short issue somewhere )
    Also i noticed that when im connecting the front panel usb slots to the board its not working

    i took out the front panel usb's and replaced the standoffs in case and is working fine now
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