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I have been using three monitors for a while running a single Firepro V5800. I wanted to go to a fourth monitor so I purchased a second V5800 and have the crossfireX settup and working. All three of the original monitors are connected to the first card. When I plug in the new monitor to the new card however, it is not detected. So I guess that is the long way of asking, how do I get the fourth monitor working?

Thanks in advance.
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  1. What are the connection cable? You may have to get an active display port cable.
  2. I have two monitors w/ display ports that are connected. The third is connected using the DVI. The new monitor I have tried using an active display port adapter and connecting it directly to the DVI output.
  3. Is there an option in the Catalyst Control Center to enable the monitor.
    Have you tried connecting it by itself just to make sure it's working. Have you tried switching the monitors around to see if it's the last monitor that is connected that doesn't work.
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    Disable CF. In CF you are still limited to only the port on the first card.
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