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I bought an additional fan w/ LED light for the front part of the case. The problem is that the fan is not working after boot. When the computer boots the fan will be spinning. However, after the computer boots up the fan stops moving but LED lights are still on. Tried moving the wires connected to the fan and the light and the fan go on and off. I got one position where both the fan and the light are ok but after a few seconds lights are still up and the fan will slowly stop. What I meant by stop is that the fan is not spinning but it moves a little like something is stuck which prevents its movement but as I said the fan moves ok when the computer is booting up. I wonder what's the problem? Also, I have an ASUS P8Z77-V PRO/THUNDERBOLT and an ANTEC CASE (don't remember the model though) motherboard if ever you need that detail. Fans on top and rear are moving though. My computer is fairly new and I am not the one who assembled it and I don't have any idea on how to connect this kind of thing.
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  1. Is the fan connected to the motherboard or power supply.

    Maybe the motherboard is slowing it down so much it stops. That would leave the LED's on, but dimmer in most cases.

    Try to connect it to the power supply if you have the adapter handy(most fans come with one).

    Can you link us to he fan you have?
  2. I am very sorry I don't know what fan I have since I the box is already gone but I believe I still kept the what's inside it so I'll try to find it maybe I can find what fan I have. How do I know where it is connected? As I said, I am not the one who assembled it. Another question, is the fan most likely the defective one or the psu/mobo? Everything works fine except this additional fan.
  3. If you follow the power cable from the fan it will either go to the motherboard(3-pin most of the time) or the power supply(4-pin).
  4. I believe it's connected to the power supply. I also noticed that the fan DOES spin at times and then goes back to the stuck-like movement.
  5. Just got my fan replaced anyway. All is working well now. I guess the fan is really the problem.
  6. defects happen. glad its all solved
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