Radeon 7850 for upgrade to my old XPS 8100

Hi all,
I'm interested in getting radeon 7850 to upgrade my xps 8100.
However, I'm not sure the PSU is strong enough. I'm not quite sure of the PSU spec, but I think XPS 8100 has at least 350W.
Other spec include i5-750, 8GB RAM. I currently have GTS 240.

Most reviews stated that radeon 7850 consume lower power than other cards in its class and it only need one 6-pin power connector (which i'm not too sure I have either).
I don't have the PC in front of me right now, so I can't check for sure.

If this is not possible, any recommendation for an upgrade that works?
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  1. sorry for the double post. The site kept telling me that the topic is not posted -_-;
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    find the part number or psu model and search for its real capabilities.
    if its under 450 watts i would not recommend it. your i5 would already be pushing your psu's limits.

    If I were you, I'd just spend the $60 to $80 for a solid power supply and get any card I want. It's not like you are looking at a budget card with the 7850. It's worth it to know you have a psu that will not only last for years, but keep all the components in your system safe. swapping out the psu is very easy and safe. It just might take some time to maneuver the cables that Dell might have zip tied or hid inside the case.
  3. hmm, I'm kinda worried of replacing PSU on a branded PC case like dell.
    I thought the shape is kinda unconventional.

    I guess I'll look into that as well. Any recommendation for a good PSU? Maybe in 450-500W range?
  4. Find a Corsair, XFX , or an Antec Earthwatt Psu...They would be great
  5. Is Corsair CX500 or 600 any good?
    Also, Visiontek Radeon 7850 looks like a good value. Anyone ever use these 2 products?
  6. Corsair is a good brand for PSU, should be just fine. I initially replaced a HP psu with an aftermarket version to run a 6770 but it was a tight fit and was pulling in air from the case since it is top mounted. Open your case and check your PSU, it should say ATX form or someother. If so you would be in the green.

    Just go for the 7850. Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the reply. I looked around again and found out that the corsair CX line is not what it used to be. Lots of complaints about it making high pitched noise and/or dead within a few months.
    I dug around and find this Silverstone ST60F-ES and the review seems to be much more positive all around. I might go with that.

    My dell xps 8100 case is small (mini-mid tower?) so I need a compact PSU

    Haven't settled on the brand of the 7850 just yet. Any recommendation? Btw, a PCI-e 3.0 card should be backward compatible with PCI-e 2.0 right?
  8. Soo I decided on Antec EA-500D and XFX radeon 7850.
    Let's see how this goes
  9. So far so good!
    Been using those 2 components since yesterday and everything seems to be in order. I can run skyrim on high now. FPS on ultra just not as smooth, so I stick with high.
    Pc has been very quiet. Usually the fan will kick into high gear regardless of which game I fired up (this maybe also because I cleaned up the inside of the pc a little)
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